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Explore Energy Services provides conventional and wireline coring services to oil, gas, mining, environmental, and mineral clients.  We have the ability to core on any rig anywhere. Consistantly delivering great results.

Explore Energy Servicesis an innovative coring company, that can adapt quickly to changes in the scope of work with great results.

Our team has beat previous recovery and efficiency records on all new projects, while saving our clients MONEY while REDUCING OUR CLIENTS OVERALL BUDGET EXPENDITURES.

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Preservation & Warm / Cold Storage

Explore Energy Services knows you invest a lot into the capture of core and subsequent/future lab work. Don't let desiccation, gassing off, or water infiltration, etc degrade or destroy your coring investment.

We can provide a wide range of packaging options for varying formations and build in a proper storage and package detail to allow your coring investments to last.

We carry additional coverage for hotshotting our own core for you.

Details vary on the main testing goals ranging from;

  • Complete liner and tube sealing

  • Desiccation prevention

  • Gas preservation / mitigation

  • Cleaning and water removal for potash

  • Warm & Cold storage

  • Hotshot transport tracking

  • Specialty crating for warm / cold / vibration issues

  • and consulting on specialty packaging needs.

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Explore Energy Services provides professional trucking and heavy hauling services in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

We also have the equipment to store your core and transport it to the lab. We offer the following:

  • Custom Core Boxes

  • 48ft and 53ft Reefers

  • Tractors for reefers

  • 1-ton units with or without trailers

  • Dry IceWarm core transportation and storage

  • Wax bath core preservation

  • Custom core containment

  • Oil bath core packaging and transport

We have been providing general oilfield trucking services to our clients for the past six years.

  • 1-ton with 36ft Gooseneck Trailer

  • 1-ton with 32ft Gooseneck Trailer

  • Winch tractorsScissor neck trailers

  • Flat decks

  • Vans

  • Custom heavy and oversize tranport

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Explore Energy Services has a wealth of offsets, efficiencies, time saving initiatives, safety features, you name it.

Working across a multitude of coring genres we have gained an intrinsic value added service in the pre-planning stages of your core project.

A competent plan for matching engineering, geology, drilling, and supply chain goals is a must in getting the best overall results.

We aid you in selection of attributes from best practices and teachings spanning;

  • Mud Programs and how they affect core and drilling parameters

  • Gas Expansion mitigation plans

  • Trip Schedule cost analysis comparisons

  • Drilling rig equipment requirements

  • Transportation and Storage practices

  • Hazard Identification and BOP must-haves

  • Coring Parameter offsets

  • and much more.

Why add-in one goal only to offset another.

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